Caris Life Sciences® is at the intersection of science, medicine and information – delivering invaluable data and solutions to biopharma companies and researchers developing the next generation of oncology precision medicines.

Over the past decade, we have amassed linked molecular and therapeutic treatment data from hundreds of thousands of patients, forming a vast data library within the CODEai database to support precision medicine research and development. We innovate novel, proprietary analyses at the forefront of biomarker discovery and molecularly informed drug development using the quality and breadth of real-world treatment and response data. Caris then further translates these innovations into practice through prospectively testing and enabling enrollment into clinical research programs across our vast network.

Caris CODEai-informed drug development supporting solutions are designed specifically to help our partners build precision medicines. Our comprehensive approach to drug development partnering is designed to create real-world data informed study protocols, identify and accelerate access to clinical trials, lower drug development costs and provide regulatory support with access to Caris’ platform WTS RNA, and WES DNA Companion Diagnostic programs.

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Clinical Trial Services

ADAPT Biotargeting System™ identifies novel molecular targets to inform and enhance drug development and advanced diagnostics, with potential applications spanning therapy development, drug delivery, diagnostics and disease monitoring.

Designed to maximize the chances of success for clinical trials and address many patient accrual challenges facing biopharma partners in the world of precision medicine.


MI Insights


Molecular Testing Capabilities

Our data-driven, molecular insights are changing the landscape of precision medicine with actionable insights from retrospective, epidemiologic, and real-time molecular data to enhance research and commercial activities.

At our 66,000 square foot, state-of-the-art laboratory located in Phoenix, Arizona, we provide high quality, reliable molecular testing services for all stages of the drug development cycle and routine clinical use.

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Caris CODEai Real-World Clinico Genomic Platform

Caris CODEaiTM is a cutting edge data service providing access to real-world integrated molecular and clinical outcomes data. CODEai integrates an extensive database of Caris profiled patient cases with 244,000+ associated outcomes, the most comprehensive data solution in the industry.

Allows for cohort analysis based on:

  • Demographic Data
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Diagnostic Data
  • Cancer Type
  • Primary Tumor Site
  • Histology
  • Primary/Metastatic
  • Biomarker Status
  • Caris Molecular Profiling Results
  • Treatment Data

Just-in-Time Research

J-I-T research is a rapid start-up/enrollment process where research sites screen for patients prior to activation. Using the J-I-T approach, Pharmatech can activate research sites on clinical trials within 10-14 days. The purpose of the program is to reduce the burden on research facilities, which allows them access to a larger number of potential trials when they have an eligible patient. This allows physicians at Pharmatech J-I-T sites to include clinical trials, not yet opened, in their treatment options for current and future patients.

Molecular Testing Capabilities

Unlike other tumor profiling services on the market, we use the best available technologies for biomarker identification. This approach allows our medical teams to more fully understand the biology of the tumor, which helps our oncologist colleagues plan their treatment strategy.​
  • Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS): Caris has one of the most advanced sequencing laboratories in the world, which allows us to perform whole-exome DNA sequencing and whole transcriptome RNA sequencing on every patient.
    • DNA Sequencing: Caris Molecular Intelligence® DNA sequence analysis reliably detects DNA mutations, copy number variations, and gene fusions across the entire exome. Whole-exome DNA sequencing is performed on all tumor types and for every patient. As a consequence we are able to detect mutations, copy number variations, deletions in a large number of cancer-relevant genes and are able to determine presence of genome-wide loss of heterogeneity (LOH), microsatellite-instability (MSI), as well as tumor mutational burden (TMB) with exceptional precision.
    • RNA Sequencing: Whole transcriptome sequencing analysis is performed on every case and is the gold-standard method to detect clinically relevant aberrations, in particular gene-fusion events and splice variants. This is a result of the fact that RNA provides sequence information after gene splicing has happened thus avoiding the complexities of genomic features such as large intronic regions. Therefore, Caris Molecular Intelligence® has the ability to detect rare fusion events far better than DNA-based short-read methods, and provides broad coverage of all exons, capturing all possible fusion partners 
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC): We evaluate protein biomarkers through an extensive immunohistochemical panel, which are applied in a tumor-type specific manner to conserve tissue and avoid unnecessary testing. Our large team of board-certified expert pathologists utilizes digital pathology and oversees application and interpretation of this technology.
  • In-situ Hybridization: For select genes, we offer ISH to provide higher level of resolution to our IHC results to detect amplification and fusion events.
  • Microdissection: Our Pathology team reviews every sample that is prepared for DNA and RNA sequence analysis and performs micro-dissection on every specimen, which results in a significant enrichment of the sample for DNA and RNA derived from the tumor. Because of this process, we are able to provide results in more than 95% of the cases and are able to detect molecular sub-clones present in the tumor.

Drug Target Discovery

Caris CODEai data services augment drug target discovery to integrate molecular profiling data and clinical outcomes. The CODEai portal provides access to 200,000+ matched patient datasets with linked EMR, prescriptions and outcomes. CODEai contains one of the largest comprehensive molecular profiling linked datasets in the world and can accelerate your target discovery. Caris Life Sciences also uses a variety of technology platforms to conduct pre-clinical research with biopharma partners, including Next Generation Sequencing and Mass Spectrometry.
  • Leverage enriched binding agents for multiplexed affinity capture and target/biomarker discovery
  • Uncover novel molecular complexes, epitopes, neoantigens and mechanisms of action
  • Identify unique biomarkers of interest including proteins, miRNAs, molecular complexes and polyligand signatures
  • Reveal low abundance targets and eliminate uninformative biological noise
ADAPT Biotargeting System™ is a proprietary platform using enriched molecular libraries called ADAPTamers™ to identify and bind to biological targets of interest. This platform has the ability to reveal novel biomarkers and drug targets, derive molecular mechanisms of action and, among others, assess therapeutic sensitivity and resistance. It is currently being utilized in advanced diagnostics and drug development programs across multiple diseases. Discover important biological information utilizing a variety of sample types:
  • Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE), fresh and frozen tissue
  • Cell lines, primary cells and conditioned media
  • Exosomes and other microvesicles
  • Whole blood, plasma or serum; bone marrow

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